Sonntag, 10. Juli 2011

Farewell lunch

Today was such an amazing last day in church. Woodsedge community church rocks! They were so so so very kind to us: prayed for us, laughed and ate with us, shared stories, hugged and kissed us goodbye.

I have no idea how i managed not to cry without ceasing. I did really well, but therefore i am bawling now, as i am writing this..... ;-)

God really did so many special things in those last 10 months. We got attached to some people so much, it feels like they´ve been best friends for a long time.

We enjoyed all those ministries we´ve been involved in and everything just seemed so right, such a perfect timing. All those ministries and relationships came so natural. Sometimes we even felt we didn´t do enough hard work. But now, to see in review all that has happened in those last 10 months and how many people got involved and got excited about caring for their community, just blows our mind. We acnowledge Gods fingerprints and signature in how everything came about.

All the Fosterkids from Bethel Ranch came to the lunch and it was so hard to say Good bye. One boy came running to the stage crying, telling me we have to wait for his birthday in 5 days until we can leave. I had a little private pre- party with him and as i was thinking about what present i could give him, i realised i had brought a toy to the church to somehow give it to someone who could use it. It was the perfect gift for a boy his age. I was so glad, i had "accidentally" brought that gift.

Thank you so much, Woodsedge community church, for all that you´ve been to us in these last 10 months. We are thankful that our pathes crossed and we hope and pray that there will be more crossing points in the future.

We now officially declare Woodsedge as our second church home (maybe our "church- beachhouse", being not to far from Galveston :-))

God bless y´all!

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