Sonntag, 10. Juli 2011

what we will miss

Kimmy and Jenna thought up their own song to present to the church today. Kimmy was so confident doing it, Jenna Mae was rather shy. That just confirms my theory that Kimmy is a stage girl, and Jenna is an animal lover. They sang about all the things they are going to miss:
the barn, the burgers and fries, their friends, the church and the sunday school, the animals (but not the snakes) .....

Here´s my list of things i am going to miss:

We will miss the good, yummie and plenty food, but hopefully we will also miss some pounds of body- weight in a few weeks time.

We will miss the texan sunshine, but will be glad to not have to wear coats and mittens while sitting in a house (or at least have the desire to do so).

We will miss the huge variety of wild creatures, especially the cute little hummingbirds.

We will not miss the Skunk Smell.

We will miss strangers walking by, saying “Excuse me, honey” without even touching us. (No one in Germany except my husband would ever call me Honey, Sugar or Darling.)

We will miss strangers asking us how we are doing.

We will miss the customer service.

We will miss having our food packed for us at the grocery store.

We will miss the Spanish moss hanging down from the trees.

We will miss Kids saying “Yes, ma`am” and “Yes, sir”.

We will miss good Country music.

We will miss Mexican Restaurants.

We will miss Buiscuit Pancake mix, Lay Chips Sour Crème and Onion, Blue Bell ice cream Chocolatechip Cookie dough , Smoothie King Smoothies and cokes in cans.

We will miss “free Refill”

We will miss our friends!

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  1. this makes me smile (and miss home a bit too). we're so glad you've enjoyed your time in texas, and though we're sooo excited to have you back here, we understand how you're feeling :) especially in regard to having your groceries packed for you and bisquick pancake mix!

    see you tomorrow!!!!!!