Sonntag, 23. Januar 2011

giving and asking

I guess i wrote already about the amazing willingness of our American friends to give. Their generosity is amazing. Last week we told the church about a need at one of the fosterhomes we are doing projects at(Chriss made a video about that which you can find on a former post). We needed 4500 $ to fix a home, so that they can use it for the older fosterkids. On that same sunday the church collected more than 5000$ for that matter. Very exciting! People take it by heart here when Jesus commands us to give.
But today something occured to me: Jesus also commands us to aks. "Ask and it will be given unto you". And this is what we all need to learn.

Everyone is living very much independent. You oftentimes rather drive half an hour to a store to buy some milk you need instead of going to your neighbour to ask for some.
People are so comfortable to give but also so uncomfortable to receive. Nobody wants to be needy or dependent, nobody wants to show signs of weakness or inadequacy.
I guess we all need to learn to be able to do both: to give but also to receive. We need to be generous and compassionate to see the needs around us but we also need to be humble and real to acknowlege our own needs and let God and other people meet them.